About Us

Welcome to The Piedmont Portal

The Piedmont Portal is a collaborative project developed by The Piedmont Education Foundation and interested community members in 2012. Its purpose is to provide a dynamic, online gateway unifying all school support organizations and community information under one roof. Since the merger of APCP and PEF in May 2015, it is managed by the Piedmont Education Foundation as a service to Piedmont school families and the broader Piedmont community.

By supplementing and offering access to existing websites and news sources, we enable existing groups (e.g. PUSD, Parents’ Clubs,  school support clubs, the City of Piedmont, the Recreation Department, local athletic clubs, etc.) to share information and announcements, publish a unified calendar of events and to make it easy for friends and committees to reach each other.

The goal of the site is multi-fold:

  • Share news items related to schools that are of interest to all
  • Streamline fundraising across all groups by making online donations easy
  • Raise awareness of important district funding issues, including parcel tax information
  • Educate parents about our collective purpose — how we all work together to support PUSD
  • Highlight events and activities related to our city and schools

To post an event listing, please click here.  To submit a general announcement, please click here.


The Piedmont Education Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit community-based organization. The purpose of the Piedmont Education Foundation (PEF) is to provide sustained financial support to the Piedmont schools through fundraising and community engagement. We offer a variety of programs and services to encourage community giving and to aid parent support organizations in their work. PEF is supported by parents and the broader Piedmont community – and their long-standing generosity and commitment to the Piedmont schools.