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Proposed cell towers creating uproar | The Piedmonter

Piedmont pays tribute to military members with Wall of Honor | The Piedmonter

Fake News Meets Real World Issues by Laura Pochop | Mulberry’s Moments: Reflections on Community

Police video program approved in Piedmont to bolster anti-crime measures | The Piedmonter

Birthday Buddy Bonanza by Laura Pochop | Mulberry’s Moments: Reflections on Community

Anti-Semitic behavior, racial slurs reported at PHS | The Piedmonter

“Wall of Honor” to pay tribute to Piedmont’s US Military and foreign service members | The Piedmonter

Time to Talk Toilet (Flume) by Laura Pochop | Mulberry’s Moments: Reflections on Community

PAINTS holds first BIG ART party benefit | The Piedmonter

New PHS principal has extensive STEM experience | The Piedmonter

Key volunteer selected as Art Hecht award winner | The Piedmonter

Who’s cuckoo? Bird callers make for a chirping good time | The Piedmonter

Jenga: A Swahili Word Meaning “To Build” by Laura Pochop | Mulberry’s Moments: Reflections on Community

Saving kindergarten day Schoolmates called “untenable” | The Piedmonter

Piedmont’s Troop 6 honors five Eagle Scouts | The Piedmonter

Fun tradition lives on with PHS Bird Calling Contest | The Piedmonter

Oscar-nominated “13th” to be screened in town | The Piedmonter

District and Rec Dept work together to retain morning Schoolmates | The Piedmonter

Dress Best For Less Grand Ave re-opening cheered | The Piedmonter

School Board OKs longer kindergarten day | The Piedmonter

Dress Best For Less resale shop, big Piedmont schools supporter prepares for relocation | The Piedmonter

Special ed expert says unmotivated students need support, love | The Piedmonter

PHS acting students shine at Ohlone Festival | The Piedmonter

Special education expert to talk about learning disabilities, low motivation | The Piedmonter

School board focuses on students’ healthy relationships, violence prevention | The Piedmonter

Author gives lowdown on girls and sex in the digital age |The Piedmonter

PHS bids farewell to Principal Brent Daniels | The PHS Highlander

PHS English teachers strive to diversify reading curriculum | The PHS Highlander

Don’t over-parent, former Stanford Dean says | The Piedmonter

Good times, great fun at Pinewood Derby | The Piedmonter

Big turnout honors new Police Chief Bowers | The Piedmonter

Oakland’s Bay Wolf restaurant reborn as The Wolf | The Piedmonter

Elementary teachers give updates on changes | The Piedmonter

Piedmont’s MLK celebration attracts overflow crowd | The Piedmonter

PHS principal joining Berkeley District | The Piedmonter

PUSD Board of Education leaders appointed | The Piedmonter

Rains turn Piedmont High School’s Witter Field into lake | The Piedmonter

City Council News: Wieler chosen as mayor; McBain, Cavenaugh sworn in | The Piedmonter

Behind the scenes of the Special Education program | The Piedmont Highlander

PUSD student test scores tops in Northern California | The Piedmonter

Diversity panel recalls slain musician’s involvement with Piedmont community | The Piedmonter

Community endures crime-ridden November | The Piedmont Highlander

PHS students load up with weighted classes | The Piedmont Highlander

Top school donor Dress Best for Less loses lease | The Piedmonter

PHS Advanced Acting presents award-winning musical comedy |The Piedmonter

PUSD Budget for Dummies | The Piedmont Highlander

Teachers pilot new testing center | The Piedmont Highlander

School Board hears challenges faced by dyslexic students | The Piedmonter

PHS journalism students take a stand on reporting with integrity and honesty | The Piedmont Highlander-TPH

Piedmont Recreation Panel OKs new tot lot near pool |The Piedmonter

Appreciating Diversity Film Series documentary explores threat of social media | The Piedmonter

$66 million bond before voters | The Piedmonter

PHS revised “Consent Assembly” adds stories, perspectives |The Piedmont Highlander-TPH

Speaker Series educates students and community |The Piedmont Highlander-TPH

Civics students get involved in Piedmont government | The Piedmont Highlander-TPH

PEF presents whopping $2.8 million check to PUSD | The Piedmonter

School Board candidates present views, qualifications | The Piedmonter

Acuña takes on full-time role as Director of Athletics | The Piedmont Highlander/TPH

PUSD classified staff get 1.5% raise | The Piedmonter

Studies OK’d for parks, civic buildings by City Council | The Piedmonter

Cal Professor addresses parents, staff, community on implicit racial bias | The Piedmonter

Piedmont well represented among California’s National Merit semifinalists | The Piedmonter

3.5 earthquake near Piedmont shakes the East Bay | The Piedmonter

Parking concerns voiced at town hall | The Piedmonter

Crime is down, but texting, cellphone use creates ‘easy targets,’ police chief says | The Piedmonter

Education Speaker Series opens with talk on race | The Piedmonter

Three men sought in home invasion | The Piedmonter

PEF unveils new programs, staff | The Piedmonter

Beach students selected to read essays at naturalization ceremony | The Piedmonter

New PHS Athletic Director is confirmed | The Piedmonter

City Council and School Board election races set | The Piedmonter

PUSD approves $38.7 million budget | The Piedmonter

School Board OKs $66 million bond for November ballot | The Piedmonter

Piedmont City cuts greenhouse gas emissions, exceeds goals by 18.4% | The Piedmonter

Piedmont triangle project wins City Council approval | The Piedmonter

Congratulations to Class of 2016! | The Piedmonter

PHS & MHS Senior Awards |

Seniors reflect on the ups and downs of high school |

Energy audit plan rejected by Planning Commission | The Piedmonter

Voters OK city parcel tax measure | The Piedmonter

Piedmont teachers get 1.5% pay increase | The Piedmonter

PHS Bird Calling Contest full of hoots and hollers | The Piedmonter

Piedmont’s Adult Ed programs on firm footing… Read more in The Piedmonter

Four PHS staff members prepare to depart… Read more in The Piedmont Highlander

PHS Bird Calling Contest full of hoots and hollers… Read more in The Piedmonter

Wildwood students perform HMS Pinafore… Read more in The Piedmonter

PMS students celebrate diversity in all things…
The Piedmonter.

Million dollar homes new norm in the Bay Area… Read more in The Piedmonter

Measure F: Piedmont muni services tax before voters… Read more in The Piedmonter

Police Chief warns residents of robberies… Read more in The Piedmonter

Piedmont Green Garden Ramble tour set for May 22… Read more in the The Piedmonter

2% School Parcel Tax escalator approved… Read more in The Piedmonter

Police Chief warns residents of robberies… Read more in The Piedmonter

Piedmont Maker Faire participants show off projects… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Appeals Court denies constitutional right to minimum K-12 funding… Read more on

Poll shows voters support school bond and Prop. 30 extension… Read more on

NYT columnist Frank Bruni argues for a saner approach to college admissions… Read more in The Piedmonter

PUSD holds first S.T.E.A.M. expo… Read more in The Piedmonter

School Board trustee explains how school parcel tax exemptions work… Read more in The Piedmonter

Report: California and nation don’t spend enough on school facilities… Read more in EdSource

PUSD Modernization Committee will trim facilities wish list… Read more on The Piedmonter

Rating schools by social-emotional learning is worth trying, noted educator says… Read more on EdSource

PUSD facilities “wish list” cost: $137 million… Read more in The Piedmonter

Crime down a third year, Piedmont police chief says… Read more in The Piedmonter

Scalia death likely to alter outcome in teacher union lawsuit… Read more on EdSource

Park Commission urges adoption of Dracena Park off-leash changes… Read more in The Piedmonter

PEF hires new executive director from Piedmont… Read more in The Piedmonter.

School Board weighs options for bond measure… Read more in The Piedmonter

Turkey Trot Donates $8600 to PUSD, xtry, track and fieldThe Piedmonter.

Razing Alan Harvey Theater discussed in community meetings… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Piedmont retains control over medical marijuana… Read more in The Piedmonter

Sports groups pledge funds to upgrade Hampton Field… Read more in The Piedmonter

Piedmont schools solvent now and in near future, official says… Read more in The Piedmonter.

PEF receives $60,000 donation from Dress Best for Less… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Message from PUSD Superintendent Booker: “As we lead into the Thanksgiving holiday and the season of giving thanks…” Read more in The Spotlight.

Changes coming to busy intersection next week… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Local crime down, chief says… Read more in The Piedmonter.

California districts moving to new ‘integrated’ high school math pathway… Read more in EdSource

California is ahead of President Obama in reducing testing in schools… More in EdSource

Superintendent Booker on “Connected Learning”… Read more in The Spotlight.

School “Consent Assembly” Turns 10… Read more in The Spotlight.

Middle & High School teachers focus on online writing… Read more in The Spotlight

Business Insider Ranks Piedmont #6
– Excellent public schools help put Piedmont
at the head of the class of 50 best US suburbs. Learn more in Business Insider.

Pulitzer-prize winning journalist’s message to parents: Texting while driving spells trouble…Read more in The Piedmonter

Rec Commission backs Hampton Field projectThe Piedmonter

Teachers enhance learning through class trips… Read more in The Piedmont Highlander.

PHS senior volunteers to feed elephant seal pups at Marine Mammal Center… Read more in The Piedmont Highlander.

City Council Oks five-year technology plan… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Supt Randy Booker talks about teaching, community, and what makes Piedmont stand out… Read more.

Teachers Discuss Options for Next Two Years’ Instructional Calendar … Read more in TPH.

PUSD develops facility improvements plan… Read more in TPH.

Piedmont Students Produce Nationally Recognized Films at Camp Reel… Read more in TPH.

Piedmont Makers joins East Bay Maker Faire this Sunday to celebrate DIY creativity, invention… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Gov. Brown signs, vetoes key education legislation … Read more in EdSource

PEF presents grant for nearly $2.7 million to PUSD… Learn more.

School board gives adult ed students diplomas… Read more in The Piedmonter

Sex ed to become mandatory in grades 7-12 in California… Read more in EdSource

Jerry Brown, Arne Duncan had deep, long-standing disagreements… Read more in EdSource

City Council approves changes to fix traffic ‘nightmare’… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Community gathers for memorial garden dedication to teacher… Read more in The Piedmonter

Large crowd attends Education Speaker Series talk on mindfulness… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Town hall meeting focuses on politics, legislature bills… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Piedmont’s 17th Harvest Festival on Sept. 27… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Test scores to be only one factor in measuring school progress… Read more in EdSource.

PUSD ranks high in standardized tests… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Test scores reflect familiar wealth gap among districts, but Supt Booker says, “It’s not just about the money…” Read more in The SF Chronicle

Data Center: Bay Area standardized test scores by school… More in
The Piedmonter.

The new Board of Directors for the Piedmont Education Foundation (PEF) met on Friday, Sept 11 to kick-off the school year… More

School Board gets good news about District’s budget… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Newsweek ranks PHS 25th best in US… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Read Newsweek rankings here

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) Results Released
Last school year, the CAASPP replaced the paper-based Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) program. Last spring, Piedmont Students in grades 3-8 and 11 participated in the new CAASPP. See the results here.

Crime up 7% in the second quarter of 2015… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Dress Best for Less donates $60,000 to PEF for the schools… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Public safety panel pushing disaster preparedness… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Supt Booker unveils plans — calls on parents to get involved… Read more in the The Piedmonter

Dwindling UC admissions for Californians feeds overparenting and college panic… Read more in The Piedmonter

Wellness Ctr busy planning FallFest 5K on Sept. 26… Read more in The Piedmonter

PEF, APCP merge into single entity… Read more in The Piedmonter

From the Big Top to the classroom; now to Superintendent’s office. As a child, Randy Booker performed as a bareback gymnast, doing flips on the back of a horse. Now, he will be running a new kind of show… Read more in The Piedmont Highlander.

4.0 quake rattles city; no reports of damage… Read more in The Piedmonter

EBMUD reports 9 water main breaks following Monday quake… Read more in The Piedmonter

New Supt Booker releases PUSD reorganization plan… Read more in The Piedmonter.

PNNC welcoming newcomers for 30 years… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Piedmont settles suit over underground utility project… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Retiring Superintendent Hubbard Feted with Fondness and Humor… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Congratulations to the Class of 2015! Where are they headed? Click here to learn more. (List courtesy of the PHS newspaper, The Piedmont Highlander.)

City’s iconic Fourth of July parade turning 50… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Piedmont teachers to receive 1.25 percent pay raise, stipends… Read more in The Piedmonter.

City parcel taxes will rise slightly… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Piedmonter’s My Word: Teacher support, training keys to Common Core success by Superintendent Constance Hubbard

New assistant principal hired at PHS… Read more in The Piedmonter

PHS and MHS student leaders honored… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Piedmont middle- schooler Hailey Mead going to US Rowing National Championships… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Mini Maker Faire grows in second year… Read more in The Piedmonter.

PHS seniors to receive Eagle Scout award… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Chromebooks hailed as learning tool… Read more in The Piedmonter.

City reviews 2015-16 budget plan, decides to take action… More in The Piedmonter.

Schools face challenge of explaining Common Core test results to parents… Read more on EdSource.

California’s requested waiver from providing test scores denied… Read more on EdSource.

200 students gather, work, create “Learnscape” at PHS… Read more in The Piedmonter.

School districts struggling to get reserves cap repealed… Read more in EdSource.

PAINTS annual Bird House Gala to be held May 29… Learn more in The Piedmonter.

New restaurant KronnerBurger opens on Piedmont Ave… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Survey shows Western students less likely to be enrolled in music classes… Read more in EdSource.

Community honors Fox with Hecht volunteer award… Read more in The Piedmonter.

PMS holds annual Diversity Day… Read more in The Piedmonter

Bly takes reins at the PHS College & Career Center… Read more in The Piedmont Highlander.

PHS Service learning concludes second year on May 22… Read more in The Piedmont Highlander

How California’s new water conservation rules will affect you… Read more in the The Piedmonter.

Crowd turns out to celebrate Arbor Day… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Fox named “Art Hecht” Volunteer of the Year… Read more in The Piedmonter.

PHS Physics class receives $10k PG&E grant… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Piedmont students show their expertise in water conservation… Read more in The Piedmonter.

School District, City officials meet… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Senior Tea and BBQ Remain Separate Events… Read more in The Piedmont Highlander.

PHS Civics Students Speak Out… Read more in The Piedmont Highlander.

PCC Annual Mexico trip makes giving back infectious… Read more in The Piedmont Highlander.

50 years of warbling and bad puns in PHS birdcalling contest… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Christopher Stevens’ legacy, work to be honored at Cal benefit… Read more in The Piedmonter.

Arbor Day celebration to feature rain garden…
The Piedmonter.

Holy Names High names Hubbard principal… Read more in The Piedmonter.

PEF Endowment nearing $6 million milestone… Read more in The Piedmonter.

PMS Green Team taking on city water usage… Read more in the The Piedmonter

CSL “Heart of the Home” Tour celebrates houses, community, April 24-25… Read more in The Piedmonter

Common Core brings “Great Awakening” for history and social studies… Read more in

Another lawsuit challenges teachers’ union dues… Read more in EdSource

PHS College Center welcomes Allison DuPuy Bly as the new College and Career Center Director… Read more here.

Booker named new superintendent after in-depth search… More in The Piedmonter.

Speaker Series gives frank talk on the impact of marijuana on the teens… More in The Piedmonter

Common Core Standards are natural “next step”… More in EdSource.

Clearer pathway for student learning with the new standards… More in EdSource.

Classes combining Kindergarten, Transitional Kindergarten pose challenges… More in EdSource.

School Board debates rental fee hikes for facilities’ users… More in The Piedmonter.

Thanks to Prop 30, California’s per student spending gains on the rest of the US, but still lags. And – Prop 30 revenues begin to decline in 2015-16. More from

Civics program helps students find their democratic voice… More in EdSource

City scrutinizes issue of short-term rentals… More in The Piedmonter

What can parents do right now to decrease the risk of suicide in their children? “Keep Calm and Parent On.” Words of Wisdom shared by a Palo Alto parent and psychiatrist in response to their community’s tragic spike in teen suicides. Read more in

Interviews conducted for new schools chief
More city news in The Piedmonter

Common Core: Potential exists for ‘much richer and in-depth math experience’…More in

Uneven distribution of needy students challenges some Bay Area districts…More in The Piedmonter

Common Core Standards emphasize “math that matters most…More in EdSource

Task Force unveils plan to overhaul special education…More in EdSource

Math Task Force Proposes New Curriculum… More in The Piedmont Highlander

Piedmont skater competing in world junior championshipMore

PHS Advanced Acting presents two spring playsMore

PAINTS, CHIME, Makers work together on “Art is Education” Month, activities for youngsters, festival for families… More

School Board Ready for Superintendent Interviews … More in The Piedmonter

Reupholstered Alan Harvey theater seats cushioned with donated funds… More in The Piedmont Highlander

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom Visits with MHS Students… More on Student Learning blog

School Board president releases statement in response to claim of “no job description” posted for superintendent opening. More on The Piedmont Civic Association

Guest Commentary: Policing in Piedmont really not all that complicated… More in The Piedmonter

Community shows high participation rate in search for new school superintendent… More in The Piedmonter

CHIME Benefit Set for Sunday… More in The Piedmonter

Third graders take on key board challenge in preparation for new assessments this spring. More in EdSource

City Council approves project for Highland Ave makeover … More in The Piedmonter

Pinewood Derby returned with fast, family fun
More in The Piedmonter

How many kindergartners in YOUR school opted out of vaccines?…More in EdSource

Piedmont Appreciating Diversity Committee: My Word – Piedmont schools’ new chief should prioritize diversity…More in The Piedmonter

200 sign school board petition after ‘Ivy League’ comment…More in The Piedmonter

Piedmont Briefs: Spring Fling kicks off; PHS wins award for promoting global competency and working to prepare students to engage in an increasingly interconnected world…More

Panel told of wish list for new schools chiefMore

PHS “Joy of Computing” takes field trip to UC Berkeley CampusMore

Turkey Trot corporation makes its first payments to PUSDMore

School Board extends hours at District facilitiesMore

Teachers ask high court to hear union dues caseMore

LAO, Legislative Analyst Office, backs repealing cap on districts’ reservesMore

Brown, districts at odds over school construction bondsMore

Gov Brown’s budget targets teacher preparationMore

PUSD finances in good shape, auditor reportsMore

Teacher survey on tenure and layoff lawsMore

Gov Brown’s budget targets teacher preparationMore

New faces and big changes for Piedmont schools and city in 2014 More

New police captain takes big career stepMore

Supt Hubbard retires from PUSD, reflects on long career in educationMore

PHS Wellness Center hosts two workshopsMore

City plans timely MLK commemoration eventMore

Diversity film series focuses on war of drugsMore

Chromebooks put a new shine on PHS classroom experienceMore

Service Learning at the high school embarks on second yearMore

City moves to update emergency preparedness planMore

California Districts want to highlight retirees’ costsMore

Report on California’s new LCAPs finds parents more engaged but other results mixedMore

State rethinks how to report test scoresMore

New Smarter Balanced assessment tests are still a work in progressMore

Supt search firm selected, approved by School boardMore

Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir to celebrate holidays with candlelight concertMore

California has ideal conditions for Common Core implementationMore

Search firm selected to recruit new PUSD superintendentMore

City approves new turf for Linda Beach playfieldMore

Oakland teacher pay among lowest in U.S.More

Turkey Trot a successMore

PMS Shakespeare drama students perform ‘Macbeth’More

Sleep key to students’ lives, expert says to packed PHS Student CenterMore

School board OKs search process for new superintendent after Supt Hubbard’s retirement was announced…More

PHS’ Gabe Watson runs wild in PHS playoff victory

PUSD rolls out Chromebooks in schoolsMore

Progress report of the Math Task Force for Common Core integrationMore

School Board conducts workshop on facilities planning for 21st century learningMore

Millennium experiments with a new way to teachMore

Piedmont Ave salon raises $5k to fight ALSMore

Piedmont Girls Tennis wins NCS Division II titleMore

Superintendent Hubbard announces her retirementMore

Common Core stays after schoolMore

State board approves new funding rulesMore

District LCAPs must include student inputMore

Piedmonter’s My Word: Students need to know they are valued for who they are by Superintendent Constance Hubbard

PEF gives grant to District for Professional Development CenterMore

Turkey Trot Organization and School Board Reach Agreement

PHS Highlanders prevailed against Alameda 21-14 to preserve their perfect seasonMore

Oakland Mayor-elect Libby Schaaf readies for “awesome” challengeMore

Common Core unscathed in California electionsMore

California districts find new way to fund technologyMore

Opinions differ on impact of heated state superintendent campaignMore

Voters approve Prop 2, Rainy Day Fund limiting local control on dollars for school districtsMore

City Council approves permit for Turkey TrotMore

Torlakson wins state school superintendent raceMore

New Turkey Trot nonprofit submits documents for race permitMore

Mulberry’s Market owners open “dream” store on Piedmont AveMore

Opinion poll being conducted about options for sports complex in PiedmontMore

Progress report on implementation of PUSD goalsMore

District supports refinancing bonds to save taxpayers moneyMore

Piedmonter’s My Word: Teacher support, training keys to Common Core success by Superintendent Constance Hubbard

Across the country, teachers want more Common Core preparation

Crime continues to decline, Police Chief Goede saysMore

Alameda County offers weekend votingMore

A look at who’s funding the candidates for state Superintendent of SchoolsMore

State implements new kindergarten cutoff ageMore

California and other states asked to lead on universal preschoolMore

Turkey Trot ruffles feathers in meetingMore

National report calls to overhaul student testing citing California’s new assessments as model…More

Plans move ahead with seven condos at Linda & Oakland Ave

Documentary covers growing issue of autism; free screening sponsored by PADC & PRAISEMore

Education Speaker Series presents “Nutureshock” co-author Po BronsonMore

State superintendent race heats up as millions pour into raceMore

New standards challenge students to succeed in scienceMore

District adopts new computer science standardsMore

PHS football beats Hayward 24-20More

District & nonprofit at odds over Turkey Trot moniesMore

Annual Pumpkin Patch opens at Coaches FieldMore

Education groups won’t back Rainy Day FundMore

Governor Brown acts on host of student-related billsMore

‘Fantastic’ Piedmont Harvest Festival held SundayMore

Chalk Art fun at Beach SchoolMore

State superintendent candidates Tuck, Torlakson debate union power, lawsuit

Math task force and leadership team discuss Common Core implementationMore

PHS Football takes Albany 59-7More

Thiel serves third year as number one singles for PHS Womens TennisMore

New teachers begin at PHSMore

The Giving Campaign, Piedmont schools’ most significant fundraiser, kicks offMore

Board reviews modernization projects; approves donor funds for critical upgrades to aging Alan Harvey Theater until a comprehensive renovation can be undertaken. More

PHS pass rate for CA high school exit exam at 97%

Officials optimistic about Common Core-aligned assessments to launch this spring

Lawsuit challenges teachers’ compulsory union duesMore…

Piedmont schools roll out Chromebooks in new tech planMore…

‘F’ on City’s smoking ordinance sparks debate More…

City welcomes new Rec Dept Director More…

Harvest Festival undergoing changes this year More…

9 PHS students named National Merit SemifinalistsMore…

Family creates PEF fundraiser in late grad’s memoryMore…

New Piedmont Police Captain is San Jose VeteranMore…

The Piedmont Education Speaker Series (ESS) kicks off its 2014-2015 season at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 30 with a panel discussion on “Preparing Students for the Age of Technology.”

State legislature passes stiffest US bill to protect K-12 students’ online dataMore…

Crowd gathers at PMS Learnscape Lunchpark dedication to Bill DrumMore…

The most important figure in school reform we never talk aboutMore…

State awards Common Core test contract More…

Teachers positive and hopeful at the start of game changing year

Time, support, and culture of collaboration are critical for Common Core integration

Piedmont Boy Scouts’ inventions take flight on Air DayPhotos and more…

Piedmonter’s My Word: “Piedmont police wearing cameras good for all” by Garrett Keating.

PHS football team improves record to 2-0 in a 38-14 romp over Moreau Catholic – More…

CSEA (Classified School Employees Assn) contracts approved; Pedestrian/Bike plan reviewed at recent School Board meeting. More…

State files notice of appeal for Vergara ruling

Research program at Children’s opens doors to careers for students

New business official joins PUSD
Coming from San Leandro Unified, Song Chin-Bindib will be taking over for Assistant Supt Michael Brady as he transitions to managing Adult Education in Dec. More…

Piedmont welcomes 19 new teachers


School Board President Andrea Swenson ready for challenges of a new school year

Message from Assistant Supt Booker: “Beach School staff manages neighborhood incident calmly with “Shelter in Place” response.” More…

PHS’ Hamlet gets excellent review at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival – “​Horatio may be played by a girl in a school uniform, yet this is the only aspect of Hamlet that gives away the fact that the performers are all high school students.” More…

Higher ed is embracing goals of Common CoreMore…

Beach School neighborhood burglar arrested More…

New mural in spotlight at Beach Elementary SchoolMore…

State bill promotes year-round learning programsMore…

Counties approve high numbers of LCAP plansMore…

Superintendent Constance Hubbard: My Word

Piedmont schools are starting a year of change and innovation. More…

With Anne Dolid as new Havens Principal, a familiar face assumes top role. More…

The Piedmonter – Learn about new staff and the latest news from our schools. More…

City announces new Rec Dept Director – Sara Lillevand, the director of athletics at Cal State East Bay, has been chosen as Piedmont’s new Recreation Department director.

New Principal Appointed for Beach Elementary School – PUSD is delighted to welcome Mr. Michael Corritone to our community of learners. On July 1, 2014 the Board unanimously approved the appointment of Mr. Michael Corritone as the new Principal for Egbert W. Beach Elementary School, effective July 1, 2014. Learn more here.

New twist to old debate on accelerated math Districts can offer high school math the traditional American way or blend Algebra and Geometry together, the way other nations do. More…

Task force urges remake of civics education Course needs transforming to become a core element of study and community engagement. More…

Districts split between choices for high school mathMore…

Strong bi-partisan support for school construction bond on Nov ballot while Gov Brown is still weighing the issue. More…

What’s on the November Ballot? Prop 44, the Rainy Day Fund, but other initiatives didn’t qualify. More…

Teacher tenure, aka Vergara ruling, becomes campaign issueMore…

Piedmont Harvest Festival to return Sept. 28 with food trucks and more – More…

Piedmont Choir experiences life-changing concert in EstoniaMore…

Piedmont City’s Capital Improvements Committee reviewed “wish list” of projectsMore…

Middle School shown to be key to college & career pipeline – Read more.

Presentation on City Ped/Bike Plan – Mon., July 14 at 5pm in City Council Chambers. Piedmont Planning Commission will hear presentations on recent progress in the planning process for the City’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan (PBMP). Learn more.

Piedmont rowers with Oakland Strokes strike gold at junior nationals – Read more

“Teacher tenure ruling opportunity to create a workplace for 21st century learning” – Commentary from EdSource. Read more.

Teacher tenure, the purpose of higher education, and more – Commentary from recent KQED Forum guest and author of “Beyond the University,” Michael Roth. Read

California special ed to get federal intervention – Learn more.

PUSD Board in the news: Considering next steps after Measure H loss and other highlights – Read more.

California 2014-15 Budget Highlights for Education – Read

Piedmont, Oakland hills: Summer camps available in wide variety – Read more

PUSD officials, school board “disappointed” by Measure H defeat – Read more.

More money for Common Core, early education and funding formula in final CA budget – Read more.

Sacramento lawmakers approve CA budget – Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders last week reached a compromise. More….

California laws on teacher tenure, layoffs and dismissal are struck down – Read more

PHS & Millennium HS Class of 2014 College Matriculations – Congratulations to the Class of 2014! Learn what Piedmont graduates are doing and where they’re off to next year here.

$9 billion school construction bond for California schools moves toward November ballot – Read more.

Last week’s Mini-Maker Faire a huge success! Hundreds of participants maximized their creativity quotient at Saturday’s first Mini Maker Faire at Piedmont High School. Read more.

Prop 30 Passes: California Votes to Fund Education – Learn more in Bloomberg/Business Week and the SF Chronicle.

California Schools on the Brink

Piedmont Schools Face Cuts if Prop 30 Fails


PHS Students and Staff Honor Beloved Science Teacher in Memorial Service

New Havens Principal Talks about Literacy, Her Passion for Education and Enthusiasm for the Piedmont Community


Piedmont Star Test Scores Top Charts for History, Science and English


District Announces Completion of the Seismic Bond Program


The recent PBS special on education featured recognized expert Diane Ravitch and educational philanthropist Melinda Gates discussing the importance of evaluations in shaping effective teachers. Their advice mirrors Piedmont’s new and innovative teacher evaluation system. More…

Summer Reading for Middle and High School Students – not all books are created equal.

Pomp and Circumstance at PHS Graduation

Incoming PHS Class of 2016 Says Farewell to PMS

June Monach Receives Art Hecht Volunteer of the Year Award at May 9th School Board meeting.

PUSD Thanks the Collaborative Problem-Solving Efforts of City of Emeryville, Beach Staff and the School Bus Program who worked to ensure Beach-by-the-Bay was safe and “all clear” for students and staff to return to classes after possible gas leak was announced nearby last Friday.

The District’s 2011-12 Action Plan Updates reflect the vision and commitments for PUSD for 2011-12 and into the future.
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School Board Highlights: Teacher Evaluations, Beach Construction and Parcel Tax Escalator

PHS Likely to Get High Marks in WASC Accreditation Process The review committee’s informal report recognized the goals of continuous improvement, esp in the area of tech, while highlighting PHS as “hands down – a great school.”

Beach School Launches Capital Campaign to Help Complete Improvements

Explore The Magnolia, the District’s E-Magazine. The new issue highlights the innovative professional training taking place at PHS, along with PMS’ powerful Spoken Word poetry project.

NYT Op-Ed Columnist Thomas Friedman Talks about Education and why the most important resources to develop are “highly effective teachers, involved parents and committed students.”

School Board Likely to Opt for 5% Parcel Tax Increase

Piedmont’s New School Board Members Are Sworn In

Giving Campaign Raises $1.6 Million for the Schools
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Transitional Kindergarten for 2012-13 School Year under Discussion
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School Parent Clubs Contribute Funds to Reinstate Furlough Days
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State Funding 101: Why the California education budget is so hard to understand
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Should Schools Cap AP Courses?
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State Budget Cuts May Affect Length of School Year
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Elite Schools Review Homework Policies
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Havens Parents Club President and VP Thank Retiring Principal Tery Susman