Associated Parent Clubs of Piedmont

The Associated Parent Clubs of Piedmont (APCP) is a collective network of six Parent Clubs with representative boards at each school site. APCP’s mission is to support the K-12 General Fund, collaborate with the District administration and school principals to support enrichment, extracurricular programs, administer teacher grants and offer Summer Enrichment programs. (Click here to visit the APCP website.)

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We coordinate annual fundraisers and parent volunteer efforts, and serve as the interface between the school and families through monthly board meetings, parent education forums, the development and collection of parent input through surveys, and the distribution of regular school communications to parents. APCP is supported by annual membership and donations from the K-12 parent community and has been an independent registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for many years. Funds are responsibly raised and disbursed in accordance with PUSD Board of Education’s mission and goals and APCP Protocol and Financial & Investment Guidelines.

Why We Do It: Funding of Public Schools in California

Public school finance in the state of California has changed dramatically over the last quarter century. Since California’s public schools receive the majority of their funding on a per student basis from the state government, the state deficit has resulted in dramatically reduced allocations to education. As a result, school districts throughout our state have been forced to make major cuts to local budgets.

Over the past several years, Piedmont has made significant operating reductions, and has worked collaboratively to marshal local resources in order to maintain its high standards of excellence through full program offerings and adequate staff compensation.

Unprecedented community support of the most recently approved parcel tax measures, and impressive parent and community participation in school fundraisers, have made it possible for the district to preserve essential academic programs and student support services long lost in other communities.

As Piedmonters, we are committed to educating our students to become active citizens and leaders of tomorrow. This takes the efforts of both our citizens and our schools, working together to provide our children a first rate educational experience.

2013-14 APCP Board:  left to right, Jen Wilson, Bryan Cantrill, Dane Copeland, Jenny Lynn, Hilary Cooper, Sara Valkonen, Ereca Miller, Chris Kukula, Dana Serleth (not pictured Shirley Rexrode, Stacy Ramsdell, Ellen Mann)

Our Mission is to support the educational endeavors at our individual school sites and for the broader K-12 program. We do so in the following ways:

  • Fundraising

    • Membership – The Parent Clubs boast 90 to 95 percent membership participation rates. Memberships to each school’s Club are $60 and help fund programs at that school site. They include a copy of the indispensible Piedmont Student Directory. To join, please contact the Parent Club Membership rep at your child’s school site. Extra directories can be purchased for $15 by contacting the Joint Fundraising Office at 653-1816
    • The Giving Campaign – Our annual fall check-writing drive raises roughly 5% of the Piedmont school’s annual K-12 operating budget
    • Spring Fling – Community party/auction supports K-5 enrichment and classroom aide programs
    • Scrip – Shopping for the Schools


  • Collaborating

    It is a rare dynamic – the balancing act between supporting the K-12 mission through the General Fund and still budgeting and funding program at the specific school sites – and one that sets Piedmont apart from many other school funding models. Collaboration means:

      • Parent Club presidents work with each other to support the K-12 program by annually contributing nearly 50% of Giving Campaign funds to the PUSD General Fund in order to directly support teachers and site-specific program.
      • Principals and Parent Club board members work together to allocate the remainder of those funds for programs at that school site.
      • Parent Club presidents collaborate with the District administration to help gather parent input, to promote communications and disseminate important information.
      • Parent Clubs work with PEF and other Support Clubs and organizations to support PUSD educational programs.


  • Volunteering

    Parents volunteer to work in the classrooms, computer labs, libraries, and the food service programs. Each school site’s Parent Club manages and coordinates the volunteer efforts at each school. The best time to sign up to be a volunteer is in the spring when the Parent Clubs recruit volunteers for the many board positions or at the beginning of the school year during registration. If you miss the opportunity to sign up at these times, contact the Parent Club president at your child’s school.

  • Communications

    • Meetings – Parent Club monthly board meetings are open to all parents and provide an opportunity to hear from the administration about policy, curriculum and upcoming events as well as to discuss ways to support educational opportunities.
    • Bulletins – Parent volunteers also coordinate the weekly and/or bi-weekly distribution of school bulletins and newsletters with each school administration. For information about submissions and distributions, please contact your Parent Club president.


  • Summer Enrichment

    A collaborative endeavor by PUSD & APCP, the K-12 Summer Enrichment Program offers a high-quality, low-stress summer school option for Piedmont and other local families. The classes are fun and eclectic, offering creative and playful opportunities to learn from some of Piedmont’s most popular and beloved teachers.
    Learn more about the APCP Summer Enrichment Program

2013-14 APCP Board

Dane Copeland, President

Beach Parent Organization

Bryan Cantrill, President
Monthly Meetings
First Mondays at 7:00 pm
Beach Library

Havens Parent Club

Jenny Lynn, President
Monthly Meetings:
First Tuesdays – alternating evenings at 7:00 pm and mornings at 8:45 am (exception: Sept meeting is second Tues evening, 9/10)
Havens Library

Wildwood Parent Club

Ereca Miller, President
Monthly Meetings:
First Mondays at 9 am (with some exceptions)
Wildwood Library

Piedmont Middle School Parent Club

Hilary Cooper, President
Monthly Meetings:
Second Fridays at 8:30 am (with some exceptions)
PMS Room 201

Millennium High School Parent Club

Chris Kukula & Dana Serleth, Co-Presidents
Monthly Meetings:
Room 47A MHS

Piedmont High School Parent Club

Dane Copeland, President
Monthly Meetings:
First Tuesdays at 9 am (exceptions: Nov & Dec are on Wed)
760 Magnolia in the District boardroom

Join Our Efforts – We Welcome Your Contributions

The Giving Campaign

Annual Fundraiser for Piedmont’s Daily Operating Budget

Our Most Important Fundraiser For Parents

Run by a savvy and energetic team of volunteers with a range of marketing, financial, systems, artistic, and yes – fundraising – backgrounds, The Giving Campaign launches in the fall with a goal to raise $1.6 million by January. It strives to do so by asking every family for $1500. However, donations of any size are welcome and encouraged. Since funds from the Giving Campaign reach 100% of students, the goal is that 100% of families donate – at whatever level they are comfortable.

Funds raised from The Giving Campaign will go directly to Piedmont schools, providing stability and ensuring that all students experience a comprehensive, rigorous and dynamic K-12 curriculum.

Donate Now

The Giving Campaign

Money raised is distributed to parent clubs
at each of the six school sites per capita

Site-specific Needs ~ District K-12 Support

Spring Fling – Raising Money for Elementary School Programs

Part of APCP’s strategy to support strong elementary schools is to raise money for enrichment programs such as math and reading resource, science, art, library, counseling, classroom aides, etc., which receive almost no funding from the state at the three elementary schools. Our collective elementary (tri-school) parents collaborate to host the always fun – and highly successful – Spring Fling. This is a community-wide party and auction that endeavors to bring all the elementary community together for a memorable evening in the Spring.  They have raised over $1 million in the last two years – and all three elementary principals work with boards from all three elementary schools to allocate those dollars.

Piedmont Spring Fling Party & Auction

Money raised is equitably
distributed to the Beach, Havens and WW parent clubs

Tri-School parents clubs & principals collaborate to budget for enrichment programs across all three sites