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Change of style and venue to the Piedmont Bird Calling Contest

We are writing to announce a new format for this year’s Piedmont Bird Calling Contest — a daytime performance rather than an evening contest.
The Bird Calling Contest is a long-standing tradition in Piedmont that has changed over time, even skipping some years. In January, PHS held meetings for students interested in participating in this year’s Contest. A total of four students, constituting two acts, expressed interest in performing. Based on the attendance and discussion at the student meetings, we considered two options: 1) a lunch-time performance or 2) a two-year hiatus until the new performing arts theater opens.
Based on a variety of considerations, we ultimately decided to on a lunch-time performance with students being the being the intended audience.  Specifically, we considered: student interest; input we received from students at the January meetings; and input from District educators and staff who have been involved with planning and producing the Contest in past years.  This option will provide an opportunity for interested students to participate, continuity for a long-standing tradition, and give school staff more time to search for a television or radio spotlight for future Contest winners.

If you have questions about this, please contact me at or PHS Librarian (and Contest Producer) Kathryn Levenson at

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