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Education Speaker Series Spring Events

Welcome to the Piedmont Education Foundation Spring Education Speaker Series! We have three amazing speakers lined up for the Spring series – all via Zoom. To purchase a ticket to all 3 speakers, or just one of the events, please visit:

Tuesday, January 26th, 7:30-9 pm
Ariel Trost, PHD & Piedmont Resident
With eating disorder rates growing fastest among boys and elementary-aged children over the past decade, many parents find themselves confused and afraid of saying or doing the wrong things when it comes to helping children develop positive relationships with their bodies and food.  Dr. Ariel Trost, a Piedmont mom and local clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of disordered eating, body image concerns, and anxiety, will offer practical and evidence-based guidance on how caregivers can create optimal family communication and home environments to build lifelong body trust in children of all ages.

Ariel Trost, PhD – Biography
Born, raised, and educated in the Bay Area, Ariel first fell in love with psychology as a high school student.  Over the past 20+ years, she has been an active member of the eating disorder treatment community – at college counseling centers, outpatient treatment centers, and – for the last decade – in private practice.  In addition to working with long-term clients, Ariel consults with families navigating the complicated terrain of raising healthy teens and provides professional trainings and consultation to fellow clinicians interested in further developing their eating disorder treatment skills.  Ariel’s life work is to share all the knowledge she has gained conducting research into eating disorder prevention, providing thousands of clinical hours with clients and their families, and raising her own two children so that other parents can know more and do better to inspire their children’s positive relationships with food and their bodies.

Tuesday, February 9th, 7:30-9 pm
Peggy Orenstein
Boys are subject to the same cultural forces as girls—steeped in the same distorted media images of female sexual availability and male sexual entitlement—which affect how they navigate sexual and emotional relationships. Based on over a decade of research and inspired by her New York Times best-seller Boys & Sex, Orenstein will discuss her work with high school and college guys, revealing how they understand and negotiate the new rules of physical and emotional intimacy in a changing world—and how parents can best guide their choices. 

Peggy Orenstein – Biography
Peggy Orenstein is the author of the New York Times best-sellers  Boys & Sex, Girls & Sex, Cinderella Ate My Daughter, and Waiting for Daisy as well as Don’t Call Me Princess, Flux, and the classic SchoolGirls.

A contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine and AFAR,  Peggy has also written for such publications as The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, New York, The Atlantic, and The New Yorker, and has contributed commentaries to NPR’s All Things Considered. She has been featured on, among other programs, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, The Today Show, Morning Joe, NPR’s Fresh Air, and The PBS News Hour. Her TED Talk, “What Young Women Believe About Their Own Sexual Pleasure,” has been viewed over five million times.

Tuesday, March 23rd, 7:30-9 pm
Esther Wojcicki
Esther Wojcicki, an educator, journalist, author, and parent, offers a formula for raising successful people: Trust, Respect, Independence, Collaboration, and Kindness.  The opposite of helicopter parenting, she advocates for letting children find their own path. She is the founder of the award-winning Media Arts program at Palo Alto High School, a leader in establishing the Google Teacher Academy, and was California Teacher of the Year in 2002.

Esther Wojcicki – Biography
Wojcicki is a leading American educator, journalist, and mother. Leader in Blending Learning and the integration of technology into education, she is the founder of the Media Arts program at Palo Alto High School, where she built a journalism program from a small group of 20 students in 1984 to one of the largest in the nation including 600 students, five additional journalism teachers, and nine award-winning journalism publications. Wojcicki serves as Vice-Chair of Creative Commons and has previously worked as a professional journalist for multiple publications and blogs regularly for The Huffington Post.

Esther has been intimately involved with Google and GoogleEdu since its inception, where she was one of the leaders in setting up the Google Teacher Academy and remains a guiding force. 


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