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English Curriculum Update at Piedmont Middle School

English Curriculum Update for Piedmont Middle School
Piedmont Middle School is excited to announce the adoption of new middle school English language arts instructional materials. For the past three years, a committee of teachers has been engaged in the process of reviewing and piloting language arts curricula. This was a monumental task, given there were 11 curricula from which to select. PMS would like to commend the teachers for persevering through a rigorous process and selecting outstanding curriculum that provides a great deal of differentiation and also aligns to the work that has been happening in our elementary schools for the past 7 years.

Here is a brief overview of the work completed.

Year 1: Studied the ELA/ELD Framework and the Common Core Literacy Standards

Year 2: Reviewed 11 different curricula using the Instructional Materials Evaluation Tool

Year 3: Piloted Wit & Wisdom in the fall and Units of Study in Reading and Units of Study in Writing from February-May

On May 22, teachers will be presenting to the School Board around ELA Materials.

Parents are invited to visit the District Office to review samples of the instructional materials piloted and to provide written feedback.  Materials will be on display until May 22. You also have the option to visit the websites linked above to learn about each of the curricula, after which you may choose to complete an online parent feedback form.  Please be sure to review the curriculum before completing the form.  

If you have questions about the language arts materials or any aspect of the adoption process, please feel free to contact Mr. Fletcher at PMS.  Thank you for your support of our ongoing efforts to provide outstanding curriculum and instruction for the students in Piedmont.


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