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PUSD Update: 3/18/2020 - 3:28pm

We’ve all made it to the mid-way point of this week! I continue to thank all of our partners (teachers, staff, admin, instructional tech team, school board, city services, families, and students) for their support and teamwork!

I have a few updates that I thought was important to share:

  • As educators are working through new modalities for instruction and content delivery, I felt that I needed to try something new as well.  Here’s a link to a video message I created regarding today’s updates.  It’s clear that getting in front of a camera is not my calling!!  With that said, I hope this video serves to support our communications and abilities to deliver content.
  • Gov. Newsom, during yesterday’s press briefing, stated that “ California’s schools will likely stay closed for the rest of the academic year over coronavirus concerns.”  You can read an article on his statements by clicking on the following link.
    • While the Governor’s office, nor any other state body, has yet to officially mandate school closure for the remainder of the semester, I believe that it’s prudent to begin planning for such a duration.
    • PUSD administrators will continue to partner with teachers and support staff to begin building out contingencies for a much longer school site facilities closure and student dismissal than was previously anticipated.  As we develop plans, we will share them with families and staff across the district.
  • We just learned today that all CAASPP Testing has been canceled across the state for this year.  Additionally, the May 2nd SAT has been cancelled and the April 4th ACT has been moved to June 13th (for the time being).  I reached out to the College Board to get some information on AP Exams, butas of today, they are scheduling as planned. They did indicate that they would provide all districts with updated info on Friday … so decisions may change then.
  • If elementary families are in need of tech support or a Chromebook for their child, please be on the look-out for an email from your site principal this week with instructions on how to request one.
  • And lastly, I want to continue to ask staff, families, and students to do their part in slowing down the transmission of COVID-19.  Please adhere to the shelter-in place guidelines, proper social distancing, and health etiquette as prescribed by the Alameda County Public Health Department.

Reminders from previous communications …

March 17th – PUSD Press Release RE: Witter Field
To help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Piedmont Unified School District has temporarily closed school facilities, including the Witter Field Complex. No access will be permitted to the field house, track, or football, baseball and softball fields until further notice. During this unprecedented health crisis, the District’s custodial staff is not available to clean and maintain these facilities for safe use. The District will continue to work with County and State health officials to determine when to reopen its facilities.

Duration of School, Facilities Closure
On Friday, March 13th, the Board of Education authorized a school facilities closure and student dismissal, March 16th – March 27th.

We will hold a special Board of Education meeting on Thursday, March 19th – 3:00pm, where I will recommend that the Board pass a resolution that allows the Superintendent to extend the school facilities closure and student dismissal through April 7, 2020 (to correspond to the current shelter-in-place).  We will post the agenda publicly on March 18th, 3:30pm on the district website. You can also live stream the meeting from home by clicking on the following link.

As we progress over the next week or two, we will look to see if the current shelter-in-place is extended.  If so, it may affect our scheduled Spring Break (April 13th-17th). I will communicate if our Spring Break dates change.

To support a consistency of communication, I will provide all staff and families with a daily email (around 5pm) that consists of any updates, changes, guidance, or instructions related to Piedmont Unified.  My hope is that this consistent form of messaging will provide you all with space to perform your daily routines and only have to check-in once a day for a District communication.


Randall Booker, Superintendent

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