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Register Now for Piedmont Language School

Join Viva el Español and Piedmont Language School to learn Spanish through games, songs, stories, and art projects. Our full-immersion classes are offered before and after school 4 or 2 times per week at all Piedmont elementary schools and PMS.
Students will learn vocabulary related to a variety of everyday themes, practice using it within sentences, and master many useful phrases. They will also learn about various traditions of different Spanish speaking countries. Curriculum for continuing students builds on what they have previously learned, expanding to new subject areas and more complex phrases.
Through the current SIP, all PLS/Viva Spanish classes have continued on schedule using Zoom / online teaching.  We will keep you informed over the summer of in-person/distance learning options for the next academic school year.

Register before June 1st and you will save $100 on next year’s tuition. Our programs are still less than $13 per class for our 4 times a week programs!

The deposit is now only $20.  You will be asked to select a payment plan at checkout that would begin once the 2020-2021 school year starts.  However, if we are not able to hold in-person classes and you do not want to participate in classes via Zoom, whichever payment plan you have chosen would be fully cancellable.  We are trying to plan and retain teachers for our next academic year; however, with the uncertain times, we have significantly changed our deposit and refund policies.  

Kindergarten – Middle School

September 8th, 2020 – June 21st, 2021

For more information please visit or call 925-962-9177.


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