Announcement - Piedmont K-12

Save the School District Money!

Every year, on average, the Piedmont and Millennium High School students lose about $5,000 worth of books! This has serious repercussions for the District’s finances and can mean that there are not enough books to give to every student for a class. If, as a student or parent, you believe that your student is entitled to a book to use in their class, please look through your closets, under car seats, bookshelves, the den, under beds, to find all those books your student borrowed from the PHS Library or used for classes. We encourage you not to wait until the end of the year. Bring our books to PHS Library in the 30’s building, off the courtyard. There are collection boxes under the tables in the hall. School days from 8am to 345pm. Thanks!


Piedmont High School
800 Magnolia Ave
Piedmont, CA 94611


Kathryn Levenson
510 917 2739

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