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A Letter from PMS Principal Ryan Fletcher: 2019 California Distinguished School Award

I am very proud to share with you that this week we learned Piedmont Middle School was one of three middle schools in Alameda County to be selected for the 2019 California Distinguished School award.  Last month, our site was nominated because we had met indicators set by the State on achieving exceptional student performance for two consecutive years or closing the achievement gap between two school years.  Once nominated, a school has a choice to apply for the award by submitting evidence to the State about a model program that has been implemented on-site and that has had a positive impact on student outcomes.

The model program we chose to highlight was our work we continue to do supporting our students, staff and community on the topic of digital citizenship.  Working closely with Technology Coordinator, Adam Saville, we created the following webpage, highlighting our work, titled “Digital Citizenship Skills that Enable and Inspire.”  We used this opportunity to create a webpage that included the many resources we have provided to students and parents supporting our districts’ Connected Learning Initiative, along with the work we have done to be awarded a Common Sense Education Certified School.  We believe this new webpage, found as a link from our school’s homepage, will be a great resource for our PMS community.

Please join me in congratulating our entire faculty and staff on the work they have done on this meaningful topic.  Each year continuous effort is put into supporting our students to develop a comprehensive set of digital citizenship skills and values. These skills and values enable and inspire each student to behave ethically, think critically, and participate safely, responsibly and productively in their use of digital technologies and media.  These goals, among others, are integral to the success of Piedmont Middle School and highlight the unique qualities that make our school community strong and allow our students to thrive. Our dedicated faculty and staff continue to shape and inspire young minds while cultivating a culture of respect and responsibility that sets the foundation for our next generation of leaders.

We also feel that the work we have done on this topic directly connects to our efforts at meeting our first LCAP Goal- “All students will feel physically safe, emotionally cared for, and academically and socially included in their school environment.”  As I shared during the last Parent Club meeting, the results of the 2017-2018 California Healthy Kids Survey demonstrate that achieving this goal has been a real strength for our school. This survey, which has been administered to our 7th graders over the last few years, show a consistent improvement in students’ feelings and attitudes about “school connectedness”, “caring adult relationships” and “meaningful participation at school.”

And lastly, please join me in sharing a deep appreciation for all the work Adam Saville has done supporting our school in his role of Technology Coordinator.  Adam uses his expertise to educate not only our students and staff, but our parent community as well during our Parent Engagement Nights throughout the year. None of this would have been possible without the extraordinary effort on his part.  Thank you Adam!



Ryan Fletcher


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