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Thank you from our community crossing guards

May 11, 2020

Dear Piedmont Community,

Early on during the current pandemic we find ourselves in, a few of you expressed your concerns for the well-being of the women and men who perform the important crossing guard duties for our community. These individuals are not City employees and the closure of our schools resulted in lost wages for these people who many of you greet and see every day. A resident organized a fundraising effort using an online tool and the community graciously supported it. The donated funds were divided equally and the Piedmont Education Foundation aided with the drafting of individual checks for each of our crossing guards. The police department only had the small part in ensuring the checks made it to those they were intended for.

This morning ( 5/11) when I arrived to work I happened upon April Fitzgerald, our police department administrative assistant, and a gentleman engaged in conversation. The individual works as one of our valued crossing guards and April was in the process of giving him a check. April and the gentleman allowed me to take part in their conversation and what I learned about the utility of the generous donation made me realize the special gift this truly is. You see the gentleman, who volunteered that he is retired, values education. In fact, he is a lifelong learner who continues to take college courses at a local junior college, strictly because he loves learning and wants to provide an example to the younger, budding, scholars in his family. The gentleman used the money he made as a crossing guard to offset the costs of his on-going educational expenses. Recently, while the gentleman was in a neighboring city attending his class, his laptop was stolen from his vehicle. The gentleman was so appreciative to the community and this encounter made me stop to think about the significant and varied implications of this donation to the eight individuals who received the checks.

April has been so gracious as to coordinate the delivery of each check to each individual with the majority choosing to come to the police department in person. I don’t know how the other seven people will use the funds that have been provided to them, but I do know how touched the recipients were by this community’s concern, consideration and actions.

Thank you,

Jeremy Bowers
Chief of Police

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Another thank you:

Hello,. I want to thank every one for the check that was delivered today by the Piedmont Police Department. This was so wonderful. I miss my job as a School Crossing Guard do much. Please accept my appreciation. I look forward so much to return to job when schools open again. Again thank you so much. Peace and Blessings.

Carole Musgrave

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