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The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Commendation

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) representatives recently visited PHS and commended the school for the following:

1. The school’s efforts to reduce student stress and promote student well-being.
a. Wellness Center
b. Later start finals
c. 10 minute passing period
d. Late start two days a week
2. The culture of high student academic achievement and performance.
3. Engaging projects, as noted in Science, History, English, and World Languages.
4. Professional, skilled staff who sincerely and actively care about students and their success.
5. Strong staff collegiality and mutual support as professionals.
6. Strong and positive parent and community involvement.
7. Safe, well-maintained, and welcoming campus.
a. park-like feel
b. open campus with student freedom of movement
8. School’s efforts to work towards equity, diversity, and social justice in the school community.
9. Strong sports and Visual and Performing Arts programs that connect and enrich the community.
10. Outstanding student clubs and organizations that offer wide variety of student experiences
based on student interests.
11. Special education department that supports all students and staff.
12. Outstanding graduation rate and college matriculation.

Through these commendations, the WASC Visiting Committee recognized what a special place PHS is for students and adults. Thank you Piedmont community! Your efforts are much appreciated.

Adam Littlefield, Principal
Piedmont High School

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