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Adding These Calendars to Yours

The following are all public Google Calendars. You can add them to your personal Google account (if you have one), by clicking on the “+Google Calendar” image to the right and below the calendar itself.

If multiple calendars are embedded in one view, you will be asked to select which calendar you wish to add. You can add one or all.

To add a Google Calendar to your mobile device, you need to first add it to your Gmail Calendars, and then follow these instructions (coming shortly).

Community Calendars

Piedmont Portal Events and Meetings Calendar

Piedmont City and Community Calendar

School Calendars

PUSD and all schools composite Calendar

Beach Elementary School Calendar

Havens Elementary School Calendar

Wildwood Elementary School Calendar

Piedmont Middle School Calendar

Piedmont High School Calendar and Block Schedule

Piedmont High School Athletic Schedule

Downloadable PDF files of Instructional Calendars

Click here to access current year’s instructional calendar.