Facilities Steering Committee Members on H1

As members of the PUSD Facilities Steering Committee we encourage a YES vote on Measure H1 on November 8th. Set the record straight: Our committee met many times over a 6 month period to consider priorities and potential solutions to address the needs identified by the Facilities Master Plan.

We deliberately did not propose a specific plan because of our desire to ensure that all input will be considered in an open process. When the bond is passed, the district will get professional assistance to determine how best to maximize the benefits to students in accordance with the goals and priorities identified by the master plan, the community, our committee and the school board.

Our steering committee engaged in a thoughtful and deliberate decision making process. The Facilities Master Plan incorporates input from teachers, students and parents through questionnaires and workshops. Our list of potential projects was built from the ground up based on that input. The steering committee reviewed conceptual proposals which included cost estimates detailed by line item.

It should be understood that many concepts were reviewed to understand what might be possible. Should the bond pass, we anticipate a robust public engagement process to determine how best to achieve our priorities and goals. Each of us had our own views of what might be most cost-effective and desirable, but we are not school designers. New designs could emerge from consultations with professionals in the field and public input sessions. This process may be drawn out, but it is an important step in determining the final design. A similar process took place during the 2006 seismic bond and it resulted in a project that ended on time and on budget with high public approval.

We are confident that the proposed $66M bond measure will address the most urgent needs at the high schools and middle school by building new STEAM facilities at Piedmont High School and ensuring appropriate classroom space for Piedmont Middle School and Millennium High School, as well as addressing the need for full-day kindergarten. The measure will enable Piedmont schools to maintain a leadership position and provide our kids with the education they deserve.

Vote yes on H1!

Brad Hebert
Grier Graff (former school board member)
Rob Hendrickson
Angel Fierro