How To Slideshow

How to create slides for the Home Page Slideshow

UPLOAD THE IMAGE to Media Library

It will be easiest if you crop your image to 220px high or less before you upload it; However, you can crop during the upload process with WP’s built-in cropping tools.

Portrait or Square image: 220px x 165px  165px x 165px
Landscape images should be very long and very short

Click on “Slides” and then click on “Add New Slide”
Give the Slide a Title – this is not public
Select the “Text” tab on the right top of content editor
Click Add Media
Click the image you want
Fill in the Title
Leave Caption, Alt Text and Description blank

Select Alignment Left
Link to “Custom” for external link, enter URL
Select Size Full

Click Insert into post

IF THE IMAGE IS LONG AND SHORT and you want all the text beneath it add this:

————— START ——————

<br  style=”clear: both;” />
<br />

————— STOP ——————

ADD THIS CODE for the text of the slide:

————— START ——————

<div class=”slide-inner”>
<h2>Title Goes Here</h2>
body text of slide goes here

———— STOP —————

Set Slide Category to “Testing” Page FIRST, so you can view it.

You can set an expiration date for the slide.

View your test slideshow at:

When ready Publish the slide

When you are ready to publish the slide on the live side, also check the box:  “Homepage Slides”

You can then set the order of the slides by selecting Reorder on the left sidebar and then drag and drop to rearrange the order of the slides.  Click “Update” at the bottom of the page.

To take a slide out of the rotation temporarily, you can set the Status to Draft, or uncheck the Category of Homepage slides.

If you are sure you’ll never use the slide again, you can move it to the Trash.  This will not remove the image from the Media Library.