Message from PUSD Assistant Superintendent

Beach School staff manages neighborhood incident calmly with “Shelter in Place” response

On August 26th, the Piedmont Police Department requested that Beach Elementary School clear its playground and blacktop during the morning recess and subsequent PE classes as they searched our neighborhood for a burglary suspect. All Beach students were accounted for and remained in their classrooms as we went into a “Shelter In Place” to ensure the safety of everyone at our school.

The Beach educators made sure to lock all of the entrance and classroom doors and stay inside the building until we received the all clear from the police department. The teachers were able to continue teaching and made the remainder of the morning as typical as possible for all students. PUSD immediately sent emails/texts to Beach Families, informing and updating them of the situation. We also verified with the Piedmont Police Department that no other sites were affected.

Soon thereafter the Piedmont Police Department gave the all-clear. Students were able to go back to their normal routines before lunch time, ate outside, and enjoyed recess. In the spirit of on-going learning, we met with the Piedmont Police Department that afternoon to evaluate our safety and communication procedures to ensure appropriate protocols during this type of incident. The Beach Elementary staff and students did a fantastic job and are to be commended for their helpfulness and flexibility.

Randall Booker
Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services