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The District Budget



Randall Booker
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Assistant Superintendent, Business Services:

Ruth Alahydoian
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The General Fund

The General Fund is the most significant of the funds managed by the District because it represents the day-to-day operations of the District. The General Fund includes income from the State and Federal Government, the Parcel Tax measures, and contributions from school support organizations and private donations.

The Budget is fluid and therefore under constant revision as revenues and expenditures are clarified. Major revisions to the Adopted Budget for all funds operated by the District must be approved by the Board and may be done at any time during the year. The Board must review the Budget at least two times during the year, at the First and Second Interim Reports. A Revised Budget is presented as part of the First Interim Report in December of each year and reflects year-end projections based on actual expenditures through October 31 of the current academic year. The Second Interim Report, which is based on actual expenditures through January 31 of the current academic year, is presented in March.  Visit the following quick links for more information:

To Participate in Public Discussions about the PUSD Budget

Budget Advisory Committee

Under the direction of the Superintendent, a Program/Budget Advisory Committee reviews the financial health of the District’s General Fund budget, shares information with constituent groups, and makes recommendations for Board consideration in the budget development process. Members of the committee include representatives from each school site, employee associations (APT for teachers and CSEA for classified staff), administration, support groups, the community at-large, and the Board of Education. Members serve for one to two years. Those interested in serving on the standing committee should contact the Superintendent’s office

To build a common understanding about the District’s operating budget and promote transparency with the Piedmont community, Piedmont USD will be bringing a new format to the District’s Budget Advisory Committee (BAC).

The BAC is open to all stakeholders of the school community and public in an effort to provide access to learn about PUSD’s budget. Piedmont wants to give additional opportunities for everyone to take a “deep dive” into our budget process, so the BAC will now be meeting each month. Every other month we’ll meet in the afternoons (3:30-5:00pm), and then every other month during evening hours (7:00-8:30pm).

Whether you’re a Piedmont parent (including empty nesters!) or a civic-minded community member, we encourage everyone to attend any (or all) BAC meetings to better understand the budget for Piedmont’s outstanding public schools. Learn more.

School Board

Attend a School Board Meeting and speak either during ‘Communications’ at the beginning of the meeting if the issue is not on the agenda, or after the Board President asks for public input when the Board is reviewing a particular agenda item. In the event a citizen is unable to attend a Board meeting and wants to express an opinion on an agenda item, prior to the meeting they should either send an e-mail or letter to the entire Board and Superintendent.  Learn more.