School Fast Facts

Piedmont Unified School District
760 Magnolia Avenue
(510) 594-2607

K-12 Unified School District

6 School Sites, plus an Adult School

2623 Students

13% Asian, 8% Latino, 2% African American, 59% Caucasian, 18% two or more races, 1% Other/Not Reported.
(Source: 2018-19 EdSource District Profile)

352 Staff Members

including 177 certificated teachers, 139 classified staff, 24 pupil services staff, and 12 administrators

78% of teachers have 60 or more hours of advanced study, in addition to a Bachelors Degree.
58% of teachers have a master’s degree.
6 teachers have a PhD degree.

Teachers average 14 years experience, and frequent staff development programs ensure up-to-date training in methodology, curriculum and technology

Staff e-mails: <first initial><last name>
example: Jane Doe,

Scores & Rankings

95 percent of PUSD graduates pursue a college education

Standardized tests demonstrate that Piedmont remains one of the top districts – locally and nationally.

  • 2017 California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) scores show Piedmont is ranked #1 in Northern California and #2 in the State in English Language Arts/Literacy and #1 in Northern California and #2 in the State in Math Standards.
  • Among public high schools in the US, Piedmont High School (PHS) ranks 55th in the state, with SAT scores averaging 1310 and average ACT scores of 31.  34% of PHS students are enrolled in 34%. (Source:


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Admission and Enrollment:

PUSD policies for admission and proof of residency

New to Piedmont?

Downloadable Forms for curriculum, enrollment, facilities, human resources

District Office & Administration – 760 Magnolia Avenue

Randall Booker
(510) 594-2614

Chief Financial Officer
Ruth Alahydoian
(510) 594-2608

Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services
Cheryl Wozniak, PhD
(510) 594-2687

Director of Special Education
Hillary Crissinger
(510) 594-2733

Director of Institutional Technology
Stephanie Griffin
(510) 594-2674

Adult Education
Shannon Fierro, Principal
(510) 594-2702

Director of Facilities
Peter Palmer
(510) 594-2877

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