The Piedmont Post

A Community Newspaper Serving the Citizens of Piedmont

The Piedmont Post was founded a half dozen years ago when our original hometown paper, The Piedmonter was sold to a larger regional operation. The Post is independently owned and operated by a local resident, and is dedicated to providing a full range Piedmont’s news – about City Hall, our School District, community activities, local sports, performing arts, business, real estate and more. The Piedmont Post is NOT related to the Piedmont Portal website in any way. Please use the contact information below to communicate with the Post. The weekly newspaper is delivered on Wednesdays to homes throughout the city by a local crew of traditional paper-boys and -girls. Well versed in the history of the community, the writing and production staff is actively engaged with the issues of the day, and each year includes high school sports writers.

The Piedmont Post
1139 Oakland Avenue
Piedmont, CA 94611
Phone: 654-1311; Fax: 654-6011

Publisher and Editor: Gray Cathrall
Production Manager: Paul Fairchild
City Editor: Paisley Strellis
Features Editor: Jenny Lee
Columnists: CJ Hirshfield, Jeff Wieler, Pierre du Mont, Melanie Johnston, Jerry Ostrander, Jim and Bonnie Bell, Decorah Quok, Luke Tsai
Sports: Jeason Eisenberg, B. Durham
Editing: Pamela Cocks
Arts & Literature: Robert Lee Hall, Adam Broner, Paul Hertlenlendy, Chris Honore, Jonathan Moy
Photographers: Ken DeCrosta, Jonathan Payne, Jennifer Fox, Brian Monyneaux
Cartoons: Flip – Phil Witte; Editorial – T. Brian Kelly
Circulation: 652-2051
Advertising: Nancy Kurkjian, 601-9109